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Massage and Beauty at the Chalet

Choose your wellness program

Type of treatment Duration Price in euros
Classic full-body massage
Ideal for tension in the neck and shoulder area, back tension, and overstrained legs. Improves circulation and relaxes the muscles.*
60 minutes 75 euros
* The full-body massage can be divided between 2 persons, if you rather make use of a partial massage. Both massages must be directly behind one another, each 30 min. à 40 Euro    
Foot nerve center massage
The masseuse activates your self-healing capacities through nerve centers in the soles of your feet, which are connected with your entire organism.
60 minutes 75 euros
Accupoint massage
Affects the meridian energy flow. The entire body is brought into a fluid harmony.
60 minutes 75 euros
Peter Mandel Colourpuncture
A colour lamp transmits targeted light information to hormone glands, lymph nodes, tissue, and the metabolic system. This teaches cells that have come out of balance to regulate themselves; the treatment is recommended for physical and psychosomatic disorders.
60 minutes 75 euros
Head-and-back relaxation massage
Helps you decompress when you’ve got too much on your mind. Beneficial for migraines, and for aches and pains in the upper spine.
60 minutes 75 euros
Ethereal Oil Relaxation Massage
Let yourself be carried away into the world of fragrances. The blend of oils is customized to suit your needs. It’s good for promoting relaxation, and for healing headaches, colds, uneasiness, exhaustion, and more.
60 minutes 75 euros
Lymphatic Drainage
Influences the entire immune system; has decompressing and purging effects.
60 minutes 80 euros
Feel-good Package
Cleaning, skin analysis, peeling, deep skin cleansing, ampoule, facial and décolleté massage, daily care
55 minutes 65 euros
Colour Therapy
Cleaning, skin analysis, peeling, deep skin cleansing, active-ingredient concentrate, colour therapy depending on skin type, facial and décolleté massage, firming mask, daily care
60 minutes 85 euros
Anti Age Treatment
Cleaning, skin analysis, fruit acid peeling, active-ingredient concentrate, ultrasound in conjunction with active ingredients and colour therapy, massage, mask, daily care, hand massage
90 minutes 120 euros
Sensitive Beauty Treatment
Cleaning, skin analysis, peeling mask, deep skin cleansing, active-ingredient concentrate using ultrasound, facial and décolleté massage, special mask, daily care
90 minutes 120 euros

You can also complete the above-listed packages with the following additional beauty Treatments:
Pedicure   36 euros
Manicure   36 euros
Eyelashes and eyebrows
Eyebrow trimming
Eyelashes/eyebrows/eyelashes and eyebrow coloring
10/9/17 euros
Nail polish
Nail polishing
  8 euros

Massage - Inquiries and Appointments

Ms. Andrea Wallinger
Tel. +43 650 41 18 362

Cosmetics - Inquiries and Appointments

Ms. Martina Zwilling
Tel: +43 664 9100653

We are very gladly available to you for possible questions!

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